Friday, 23 December 2011

Mars Bar Cake

Christmas is nearly here and one of my first makes is a Mars Bar Cake; only trouble is, it didn't last long enough and so will have to be making some more!!!

This was all tht was left about an hour after making it!! LOL

  It's really easy and quick to make and tastes delicious.  There are various methods, which include some with Digestive Biscuits and some with Rice Krispies, others use golden syrup and some margarine or butter, melted with the Mars Bars.  The Mars Bars and Golden Syrup/Butter/Margarine are melted together and then the 'Krispies' or crushed Digestives are added till the mixture is evenly coated and will hold together when set. The Topping is solid chocolate and that again is a preference with either plain or milk chocolate; melt the chocolate and then pour over the base and allow it all to set; if you can wait long enough.


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