Monday, 28 October 2013

Scandinavian Christmas Sewing

  The storm for the South East passed through our part of the East Sussex County with some damage to trees and cars but I'm very thankful to say that our home weathered the strong winds without any damage.

Anyway, this change in the weather has brought home even more that Christmas is not far away, with  the seasonal early nights, the blustery weather and the change in all of Mother Nature and so, whilst I was sitting recovering from a recent heart blip, broken toe and lovely bruise to my shin, I thought I would get on with finishing my Scandinavian Heart Snowflake tapestry cushion.

So here's a picture so far .........

The kit is from 'Cleopatra's Needle' and includes all that you need to complete the project apart from a little bit of wadding.  It does include a packet of lavender though, which is gorgeous. 

The heart is worked in tent stitch which is sturdier than half cross stitch and gives a neater and flatter finish.  Here's the back view............

Well I better get back to it now, will post a picture of the finished heart when it's done.  I hope this has inspired your festive making.

I hope to post some more makes over the next few days :)