Friday, 13 February 2015

Spectrum Noir AquaTints

So I have had a play with my Spectrum Noir AquaTints. I had purchased the Essentials set and was thoroughly pleased with the tints and the gold and silver and so, for my birthday my family purchased the Pastel, Landscape and Beautifully Grunge sets. I have played with the Pastel Set tonight and have made two thank you cards. I started by using the colours as a wash (the background for the cards). The colours go on to the watercolour card beautifully and blend very easily. The colours are true and the pastels are good colours which although subtle in shade are vibrant in tone (if that is possible). I preferred to use my own flat brush for the pieces I made as I found the brushes that came with the set too soft for my purpose. On the card in the front, I experimented a little further, a used a faux bleach technique. I was pleased with the results and I have another background, which I will leave to dry overnight which has sea salt on. The stamps were applied with Memento black ink, onto the painted backgrounds. The butterflies were cut around and then manipulated to give dimension. A little glitter glue was added to the edge of the wings and the body (doesn't show up so well in the photo but great accent on the card). And so here are the finished cards - hope you like them :)

Monday, 2 February 2015

Rose Gold Plated Chain Maille

Hi All

I made this Rose Gold Plated Chain Maille bracelet for my Etsy Shop, I hope you like it!

I enjoy doing Chain Maille as although it is time consuming, I find it quite relaxing.

There are several different patterns for Chain Maille the bracelet above has been made using a very simple design, but I like it!  The art of Chain Maille is based on the original Chain Maille pieces as used in medieval times to protect soldiers in their suits of armour.  The patterns themselves have been used, re-worked and given inspiration to new patterns.

When I have made a few more pieces I will upload them to show some different patterns.

Thanks for dropping by.