Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Crochet Menagerie

Hi All

Purchased a couple of crochet kits off of Hochanda recently and these are the results.
So please meet, my baby Ellie and Giraffe.

These have turned out super cute and I really pleased with them.  The yarn is a recycled cotton, and the packaging states; 'produced in a respectable way, respecting nature'.  The Kit make is 'Hoooked' (yep, with three 'o's) Eco Barbante.  The yarn itself is 85% recycled cotton and 15% other recycled fibres, it is actually a very strong yarn.

The characters are crocheted with a 6mm hook and i found that the holes between stitches were definitely lessened with the 'yarn over hook' method.  The instructions are provided in several different languages and it really is a great kit in a box, all that you require is a yarn sewing needle and a pair of scissors.  Yep, the stuffing came too.  It does say to stuff firmly, which I did, but I think because of the large size hook and the stiffness of the yarn, you do still get some gaps between the stitches; anyway, I still loved the outcome and will be making more of these little characters as they are so sweet.

Happy crafting folks, luv Kaz xxx