Sunday, 26 April 2015

Handmade Purse - Kirstie Allsopp Coin Purse Kit

Hi All

A sewing make this time.

I had a Kirstie Allsopp kit bought as a present for me and so made it my make for today :)

Here's the lining, already to sew. (I did actually press it first - not as it looks here).  The main fabric which is the outside has iron-on interfacing applied, before it is stitched.

And now the main outside layer (shown inside out)  with the 'sugar bottom' made to give it a gussett.

The outer layer is placed inside the lining, stitched all around accept for approximately 4cm, which allows for the turn through.   The clasp is added by basting across the frame and into the fabric, this is worth doing to ensure that the purse is sewn evenly into the frame.  Running stitch is sewn through the holes of the frame and on reaching the end on one side you reverse the running stitch which forms like a back stitch and a strong attachment of fabric to the frame. You then complete the otherside of the frame in the same way.

And there you have a completed purse.
With contrasting lining.

Although this purse is called a coin purse, it is actually a good size and I'm going to use it as a make-up bag for my handbag. Enjoyed this little make.

Thanks for dropping by - Happy Crafting :)

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