Thursday, 7 April 2016

Tonic - MDF - Lyon Unit

Hi All

I've had this Tonic MDF a little while and I've just got around to decorating it.

I assembled the unit together, using the Tonic glue which came in the kit.  It's held it together nice and sturdy.

I then painted the whole unit with Tonic Nuvo Acrylic paint in Ivory.  Although the colour is called Ivory, it's actually quite a rich cream, almost custard colour. I actually paint in fairly thin coats and keep building on them.  The paint is a good quality, quite thick and gives good coverage. I've only used about half a pot on the whole unit.  Only the base wasn't painted.  

The edges of the papers and the backing cards were coloured gold with Pinflairs Buff-it.  It gives an excellent coverage and blends well with the Ivory paint. 

I used Crafters Companion A3 Springtime double sided card. It's 300 gsm and provides an excellent decorative  addition in keeping with the design and theme of the unit, that I have chosen. 

I am really pleased with the finished piece, hope you like it too.  I may yet put brass handles on it but just can't yet decide. 

Thanks for dropping by - happy crafting!