Thursday, 14 June 2018

What A Difference A Year Makes

Well hello there,
Yep, what a difference a year makes.  Unfortunately, due to ill health my blog has suffered but regardless Im ready to get it back up and running again.  So lets start with some news.
I'm very proud to say that I am a member of the Dolly Dimples Crafts Design Team.  Dolly Dimples Crafts produce many different types of paper crafting goodies, including decoupage, CD Roms, templates etc.  I look forward to bringing you the samples I have made and any techniques or information that you may find useful.

My Etsy shop is still up and running and I will dedicate a bit more time to this too.

Here is a card made from the latest collection from Dolly Dimples Crafts Ltd - the Diva Collection

I'll update you more very soon; keep your eyes peeled.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Crochet Menagerie

Hi All

Purchased a couple of crochet kits off of Hochanda recently and these are the results.
So please meet, my baby Ellie and Giraffe.

These have turned out super cute and I really pleased with them.  The yarn is a recycled cotton, and the packaging states; 'produced in a respectable way, respecting nature'.  The Kit make is 'Hoooked' (yep, with three 'o's) Eco Barbante.  The yarn itself is 85% recycled cotton and 15% other recycled fibres, it is actually a very strong yarn.

The characters are crocheted with a 6mm hook and i found that the holes between stitches were definitely lessened with the 'yarn over hook' method.  The instructions are provided in several different languages and it really is a great kit in a box, all that you require is a yarn sewing needle and a pair of scissors.  Yep, the stuffing came too.  It does say to stuff firmly, which I did, but I think because of the large size hook and the stiffness of the yarn, you do still get some gaps between the stitches; anyway, I still loved the outcome and will be making more of these little characters as they are so sweet.

Happy crafting folks, luv Kaz xxx

Monday, 13 March 2017

Wavy, Rainbow Crochet Blanket

My latest make highlights the fact that I'm looking forward to Spring and Summer and the warm evenings.

I love sitting in the garden, late in the evening star gazing and what better way than to snuggle up with a hand crocheted blanket.

I'm really pleased with this make, its fun colours and wavy design are just perfect.

Stylecraft yarn was used, which is easy to crochet with and is lovely and soft.  There are lots of different colours to choose from too.  I'm very pleased with this rainbow assortment.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Kumihimo Braiding - Glass Pearls and Crystals

Hi All

So this is what's on my crafting table at the moment!

I'm making kumihimo braided glass pearl and crystal bracelets.

I love jewellery making and I love the kumihimo style; it allows me to make bracelets fully beaded but still fluid, so that they sit beautifully on the wrist.

I will post the finished pieces real soon.

Have a happy day folks.

KazBee x

Saturday, 27 August 2016

More Colours - New Blanket

What colours have you got in your stash?

Well here's mine for my next project.

I'm working on a ripple blanket and loving it!  I'm doing two rows of each colour and will use the colours that I used for my star blanket.  When I'm sure I'm happy that its working out OK, I'll give you the details of the pattern.  I have researched a few, including very old patterns that my Nan had.  My Nan made lots of crocheted items, including adult dresses, tops and skirts, cushions and throws.  This is similar to the pattern that she used. Nanny Rose made a dress for herself once in a silk thread, it was a beautiful blue, not sure what happened to it, but wish I still had it today.

Have fun peeps and drop by again :)

hugs Kazbee xx

Friday, 26 August 2016

Making the Cha Cha Bracelet

The Cha Cha bracelet kit by Caroline Shulz comes with beautiful beads and is great for a beginner or an experienced jewellery maker.  
The design is essentially lots of beads, in this case pearls, crystals and silver beads, each one individually threaded on to a head pin and then a multiple loop made at the top. It is this loop which is then threaded onto your elastic, good high quality jewellers elastic is best.  You need lots of beads, the bracelet is a cluster of colours and beads and should be full, don't skimp! 

Here are a few photos in the making to hopefully give you the idea; 

Firstly you need to take your bead and thread onto a head pin. 

Bend the head pin to a right angle to the bead. I then hold the bead with the wire under my thumb before starting to make the coil on the top, like so: 

Place the end of the wire into your round nosed pliers so that it sits flush between the pliers arms.

Then start your coiling

Hopefully, you will end up with a bead secured on a head pin, with a coil at the top which you will use for threading your elastic through.

Good luck and have fun.  You'll soon have pieces like this to add to your collection :) 

Hugs KazBee xx

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Freshwater pearls and crystals - yes please!

Hi ya,

My Cha Cha Cha bracelet is finished and will soon be going in my Etsy shop.
This bracelet is perfect for a bride, bridesmaid, mother of the bride or groom, or for that shadazzle evening.  As the bracelet is made from genuine freshwater cream and rose pearls with added crystals and silver beads it is elegant and stunning. It is an elesticated bracelet so will make the perfect gift as size is not such an issue, it also makes it easy to put on and off.

Hope you like it, I'm login' it!

Have fun lovely peeps, the weathers hot here in the UK South, so be careful in that sun too! 

Love and hugs 

KazBee xx

Monday, 22 August 2016

'Cha-Cha' Bracelet - Cultured pearls a Plenty!

Hi there

A piece of jewellery in the making this time.  I love this design, have seen it lots of times before and made a few; however, I was lazy and decided to buy a kit this time as I loved the colours of the cultured pearls, the crystals and silver beads.  The kit is from Carolyn Schulz and I purchased it from Create and Craft.

All of the beads are threaded onto feather weight headpins and the top turned several times.  You need to do this to all of the beads individually so that you will have a good selection as they will be threaded on to an elastic cord and the bracelet will be complete.

Here's a picture of the progress so far.

I haven't yet added the headpins to the cream pearls yet, only the soft rose, the crystals and the silver beads.  The photo shows a selection of some of those completed so far. 

I'll post the rest when the bracelet is completed, but I'm loving the way its coming along.

Night, night all, see you again tomorrow.

KazBee xx

Henrietta - The Chicken

Whilst staying in the relaxing cabin, crafting was a lovely way to while away some of the hours enjoying the beautiful and peaceful surrounding countryside.

So apart from crocheting, we drew too.  I have posted below Kimberley's drawing of one of the chicken's which we named Henrietta.

I hope that you like it!

Somerset Sites

Hi All

Staying at The Cabin we managed to visit many sites, including a day trip to Longleat, a trip to Wookey Hole, the beautiful city of Wells and its stunning Cathedral and also drove through Cheddar Gorge several times, an amazing natural, rugged landscape.

Longleat Safari Park

Wookey Hole

City of Wells

Driving through Cheddar Gorge

Truly enjoyed our time in Somerset, seeing the sites and oh, did I mention crafting each evening in the lovely Cabin.  (please see the previous post for The Rainbow Crochet Blanket.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Rainbow Ripple Star Crochet Blanket

Whilst staying here in the cabin, I've been finishing off my Rainbow Star Crichet Blanket, my life definitely needs some colour in it at the moment, and this certainly does the trick.

This pattern can be found on and it is called The Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket and it is by Celeste Young.  Celeste is very generous with her Angel policy regarding this pattern, but I feel it is only right to credit the designer where possible, so many thanks to Celeste.

If you decide to make one too, have fun and experiment with colours, it's a lovely design and makes a change from the usual shapes.

Happy crafting folks xx

Journey to Somerset

Hi All

I'm staying in a lovely cabin in Somerset, just outside the city of Wells at the moment, with my daughter Kim.

The cabin is in the grounds of a farm house, so I'm glad to say we've made some new friends!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Hunkydory Little Books

Love, love, love these little books.

I was so pleased as a Hunkydory DT member to be given the opportunity to work with this new Christmas 'Little Book'.  It was hard for me as its not long since my Mum passed on 4th July, this year but it did help me relax a little.

The colours are gorgeous with quite contemporary modern designs, but even if you're a true traditional, I'm sure you'll still appreciate and fall in love with this book.

Although the sheets are perfect for 6 x 6 cards, don't be frightened to upscale by using background papers and/or dies.


Also, think outside the box, or, as in this case, just make one!  Then fill it with sweets.

This little bauble has been decorated by fussy cutting two images, adding some paste inside and out and Hunkydory snow and ice glitter. Touch of red ribbon and hey presto a lovely Chritmas bauble.

The books are on a buy 3 for 2 at the moment on Create and Craft, so head on over and bag yourself a bargain but they're going fast!