Friday, 26 August 2016

Making the Cha Cha Bracelet

The Cha Cha bracelet kit by Caroline Shulz comes with beautiful beads and is great for a beginner or an experienced jewellery maker.  
The design is essentially lots of beads, in this case pearls, crystals and silver beads, each one individually threaded on to a head pin and then a multiple loop made at the top. It is this loop which is then threaded onto your elastic, good high quality jewellers elastic is best.  You need lots of beads, the bracelet is a cluster of colours and beads and should be full, don't skimp! 

Here are a few photos in the making to hopefully give you the idea; 

Firstly you need to take your bead and thread onto a head pin. 

Bend the head pin to a right angle to the bead. I then hold the bead with the wire under my thumb before starting to make the coil on the top, like so: 

Place the end of the wire into your round nosed pliers so that it sits flush between the pliers arms.

Then start your coiling

Hopefully, you will end up with a bead secured on a head pin, with a coil at the top which you will use for threading your elastic through.

Good luck and have fun.  You'll soon have pieces like this to add to your collection :) 

Hugs KazBee xx

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